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Columbia University



Pepperdine University



MIT-Fudan University

Columbia University


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University of Texas -Austin


Cambridge University

Columbia University


Columbia University


Former Admission Officer of Stanford University


Our Counselors


New York University


Teaches AP/IB/SAT/ACT Math and Economics




New York University


Teaches  AP Human Geography, AP/IB English Language and Literature,SSAT/SAT English




Harvard University


Teaches English



Dr. D

Shanghai Jiaotong University


Teaches AP/IB Chemistry、Biology



Dr. Evans

Boston University


Teaches APUSH、 AP World History


Dr. Hung

Rice University


Teaches Math, AP Calculus, AP/IB Chemistry




Boston University


Teaches Math. Economics



University of California, San Diego


Teaches AP Calculus、Biology and Science



University of Texas


Teaches all-grade Math



Tsinghua University


Teaches Math and AP/IB Econ



University of California, San Diego


Teaches English, ESL Courses


Isfahan University of Technology


Teaches Math and Physics

Our Instructors

Sean Ma - Founder and CEO - Columbia University and Cambridge University

Sean is a member of IACAC (International Association for College Admission Counseling) as well as IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association). He also is proctor of Brigham Young University's independent study program, in all of which he is quite continuously invested. Initially, Mr. Ma worked for investment banks within the United States in addition to working as a teacher for international institutions, holding the prestigious Massachusetts Educators' license and private pliot's license as proof of his commitment. Sean brings his more than 10 years of experience in admissions counseling and teaching SAT/ACT/AP/IB to fruition in all that is MA Academy.

Mengqi Ding - Pudong/Director of Pudong Office - Columbia University

Through years of studying education and developmental psychology, Mengqi has solidified a unique and tested approach to helping students reach their full learning potential. Attending both university and graduate school within United States equipped Ms. Ding with a comprehensive understanding of the Western education system and its content. Additionally, she has been teaching Mathematics, Computer Science, and the SAT for 5 years. Ms.Ding is wholly committed to helping our students achieve better academic performance and results, but also attain self-confidence and a better understanding of themselves. She has also been working as an Admissions Consultant, dedicated to helping students get into their dream colleges. Teaching Subjects: G3-G12 Math, AP/IB Math,Computer Science, SAT/SSAT/ACT Math.

Wendy Luo Director of Huacao Office - UC San Diego

Pursuing and providing elite education in the United States for nearly 10 years, Wendy has acquired a deep and tacit understanding of the American education system, particularly primary and secondary education in both the East and West Coast of the United States. Ms. Luo is known for her impassioned teaching style and for having supreme patience with and understanding of her students. Her teaching emphasizes on promoting Active Learning and building lasting confidence within each mentee. She believes that a teacher’s primary duty is to inspire hope and instill a genuine love of learning within all taught. By using her years of scholastic study in conjunction with her working experiences in both the US and China, Ms. Luo is committed to providing her students with higher grade performance, better learning strategies, and lifelong benefits for fostering the habit of true Active Learning. Teaching Subjects:Math, Science, AP/IB Math, SSAT/SAT/ACT Math.

Elisa Liu -  Columbia University

Gain her master degree in Cognitive Science working in Education, from Columbia University. She specializes in teaching based on cognitive strategies related to memory and test-taking skills.She was a research assistant at Institute for Learning Technology, at Columbia University, and conducted research into language development and educational psychology.After graduation, she was dedicated to the tutoring of Chinese and American high schools students in preparing college examinations. Tutoring Subjects: SAT (Reading & Writing), TOEFL, GRE and GMAT (verbal section). Teaching Subjects: SAT (Reading & Writing), G3-G12 English.


Our Staff



Huacao Campus




Gubei Campus




Pudong Campus


Andrew Gimb - Director of Gubei Office - Columbia University

A born and raised New Yorker, Andrew has spent the last decade cultivating his instructional techniques for the purpose of one mission: accelerating student growth. Having graduated Summa Cum Laude in Applied Math and headed toward Finance, Andrew instead decided to pursue a Masters in Game Design for Education while teaching full time at FLACS2 Charter School in the South Bronx. Collaborating with dedicated designers and educators, he and his team spent the next 3 years developing his classroom math game Pants & Cheese, and played a critical role in improving student state test performance by 6%. Andrew is now a math instructor and admissions consultant for the Ma Academy team, together guiding students toward creating the synergy between talent, skill, and vision needed for a purposeful, rewarding and ultimately fulfilling college career. Teaching subjects:G3-G12 math, SAT/ACT Math.

Ann Wang - Vanderbilt University

Among 7 years’ researching in education, Ann accumulated rich teaching experience in both China and the US. During her graduate years in Vanderbilt University, she researched in Secondary Education, focused on Social Studies, and obtained Teaching Certification (Political Science) granted by Tennessee Department of Education. Ann always holds great passion for education and has her unique teaching philosophy. Being a warm-demander and building personal relationship in order to create safe space for students’ learning are always her principles and pursuits. Teaching Subjects: English, AP/IB Economics, Geography and Social Science. 


Mila Tan - Pepperdine University

Mila handles both admissions consultations and a broad range of English classes for the centers. She graduated from Pepperdine University with a Management degree, and worked at multiple non-government organizations throughout the 1990s and 2000s before focusing on educational advising and teaching English at the high school level in China. Literacy, reading and cross cultural communication are her passions; encouraging curiousity and critical thinking are her mantras. Teaching Subjects: G3-G12 English Reading and Wrting. AP/IB English Language and Literature, SAT/ACT English.

Eylina Liu ——  University of the West of Scotlant

After graduating high school, she decided to truly challenge herself by moving to Scotland in order to attend university. Eylina spent six years in Scotland; graduating with a Master’s in International Marketing. She spent two years as a Sales Manager in an international hotel before she realized how much she missed being in school.  After that, diving into her new found love for education, Eylina has earned three certificates to teach English and even one to translate! Teaching subjects: G3-G12 English Reading and Writing, EAL and AP/IB.

Fion Zhang UC San Diego

After studying and working in the United States for nearly 10 years, Fion has a deep understanding of the American education system and teaching model, and she has extensive experience in this field. Fion combines Chinese and Western educational concepts, patiently and meticulously, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, and developing unique instructional programs for different students to enhance their academic performance. At the same time, Fion insists the key to stimulating students' interest in learning. Different educational strategies are adopted to guide students to establish correct learning methods and attitudes, and to develop students' independent learning ability and thinking ability so that students can better prepare for their future studies. Teaching Subjects: Math AP/IB Calculus, SAT/ACT Math.